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Editing and Proofreading Services

Get unparalleled editing services for writers, ensuring your manuscript receives the meticulous attention it deserves. Our professional editors specialize in refining every aspect of your book and providing expert guidance to help you achieve literary excellence.

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Elevate Your Writing to the Next Level

Editing and proofreading your manuscript is a task best entrusted to our team of professional editors. We've curated a roster of the finest editors to serve as your second set of eyes.

Whether your writing leans towards beat poetry, blockbuster screenplays, lavish period romances, or hard science fiction adventures, we understand the nuances of your form and genre. Our commitment extends to preserving your unique voice, respecting dialects, and ensuring you maintain complete creative control

For nonfiction works, we focus on helping you communicate ideas clearly and concisely, resulting in a better, stronger, and impeccably crafted book through our expert editing services for writers.

Have Your Work Professionally Edited

Our expert editing services for writers encompass a swift turnaround, with the capability to polish short books of up to 10,000 words within a mere 24 hours. For those crafting epic tales of 250,000 words, fear not, as we can efficiently edit and refine your manuscript in a matter of weeks.

Scribendi takes pride in supporting numerous authors and assisting them in preparing their books for publishing. Our team of professional editors ensures that your manuscript receives the attention it deserves. 

Check out some of the published books we have edited, a testament to the commitment and proficiency we bring to every author's work.

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Book Critique Services

Receive an unbiased critique of your book from our experienced writing professionals. Improve your work and increase its salability with our expert Book Critique Services.

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Book Editing

Elevate your writing with our professional Book Editing service. Our team of experienced book editors is dedicated to refining your work, ensuring impeccable grammar, punctuation, and style. We offer developmental and copy editing, tailored to authors' unique needs. Whether it's your first work or your latest manuscript, we're here to help. Get started with a free quote and experience the impact of professionally edited writing.

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Book Proofreading

Your writing deserves the best. Transform your writing with our expert Book Proofreading service. Our expert proofreaders are committed to perfecting your book, ensuring flawless grammar, punctuation, and syntax. See the remarkable difference book proofreading can make to your book's quality. Your engaging words, our grammar expertise: a perfect match for your literary journey.

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Script Editing

Welcome to our professional Script Editing service, where our skilled script editors are ready to help you refine and edit your screenplay, ensuring it captivates audiences. Trust our professional script editors to handle your work with precision, saving you time and delivering a polished final draft that shows your story's cinematic potential.

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Query Package Creation

A value-priced bundle, including a query letter, synopsis, and outline.

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Book Proofreading and Query Package Creation

Our best deal, combining a proofread of your book with a complete query package.

Ebook Services

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Ebook Editing

A line-by-line edit of your early ebook draft, including language issues and advice on content.

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Ebook Proofreading

A careful review of your final draft to get it ready for publication as an ebook.

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Ebook Formatting

Transform your manuscript into a professional masterpiece with our Ebook Formatting service. An expert ebook formatter can elevate your ebook into a visually stunning and well-formatted document that can be used on Amazon and Smashwords. Make sure your hard work pays off with a polished and visually appealing ebook that communicates your expertise.