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  • Our services for authors of books, short stories, plays and poetry include critiques, proofreading, editing, copyediting, query letters and formatting. Browse author services.
  • Academics will find our express proofreading service useful when trying to meet urgent deadlines. In addition to providing editing and proofreading in both the arts and sciences, we provide style and format checks to help those in academia deal with those pesky citations. Browse academic services.
  • Students seeking to perfect their personal statement or final paper will benefit from our admissions essay or student essay editing and proofreading services. We help students achieve their academic goals and stand out from the competition. Browse student services.
  • ESL/ENL speakers will find a wide range of services that will help improve their English language skills. We provide assistance to English as a Second Language/English as a New Language authors of books, essays, business documents, CVs, reports and many other types of documents. Browse ESL services.
  • Business clients will appreciate our express proofreading and editing services, for same day or overnight requirements, as well as our 24 hour, 48 hour, 72 hour and one week turnaround services. Corporate, government and NGO representatives can search our site for ideas on how Scribendi can offer a one stop shop for their document processing needs. Browse business services. Send an RFQ.
  • Scribendi also has a range of services for website owners and creators, including website design and web copy creation or web copy checking. Browse website services. Individuals with personal document needs can look to Scribendi to provide assistance with resumes, letters, and other short compositions. Browse personal services.